10 Dinner Menus That Were So Bad That People Had To Post Them Online

Most people are not paying much attention to a menu design or wording when going out for diner. But then, some people have a guilty pleasure of reading menus looking for odd slips, grammar mistakes, and hilarious Photoshop fails. Some menus are so incredibly bad, so hilarious that people couldn’t help but take a picture and post it online. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best “menu fails” that we have gathered from various social networks. Enjoy!

#1 A Seductive Duck Accompanied By A Typo In A Vietnamese Restaurant

#2 A Poorly Translated Menu

#3 No, No, It’s A …. Plane

#4 Assassin’s Creed Menu In Italy

#5 What Are They Cooking Over There?

#6 Ice Cream Menu In Austra, Nothing Extraordinary Here

#7 Poseidon Didn’t Age Well It Seems

#8 A Little Bit Of Everything

#9 A Pirate Bay Website Logo In A Restaurant Menu

#10 It Looks Like Sushi, Right?


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