10 Times That Delivery Services Failed Miserably

The internet has made so many things simpler, delivering packages being one of them. Yet, thanks to human negligence irresponsibility, and stupidity (take your pick), a package delivery can be quite an unpleasant surprise sometimes. You are hoping that all you need to do is to sit at home and wait for a package to come, yet, it often turns out the be different. In this post, we will see 10 deliveries that made their receivers wish that they never ordered them. Enjoy!

#1 It Fits Like A Glove

#2 Hiding In The Shadows

#3 Check The Bush For Clues

#4 It Looks Like The Package From “Seven”

#5 It’s Just Like Tetris

#6 Don’t Touch The Glass!

#7 Handled With Care

#8 Tossed It Like An Olympian

#9 It’s Broken

#10 Followed It To The Letter


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