10 Weird Phobias That You May Never Come Across

According to psychologists who defined them, phobias are deep and irrational fears or certain situations, persons, creatures, items, or activities. You have probably met someone who has claustrophobia (a fear of tight spaces) or arachnophobia (a fear of spiders), but you should also know that there are phobias so uncommon that they might even sound unreal to you. Check out the list below and see some of the weirdest and most uncommon phobias known to mankind.

#1 Nomophobia

Nomophobia is a fear of not having a mobile phone around. When we come to think of it, most of us have gotten so used to phones that we immediately panic when we cannot find them in our pockets. Yet, this may be a rational fear (although it is not a phobia) sometimes. Nomophobes are obsessed with phones and will check up on them every five minutes.

#2 Anthophobia

A completely irrational fear, Anthophobia causes anxiety to everyone suffering from it when they see a flower. Although most people who have this “condition” are aware that flowers can’t harm them, they still do not like to be around these plants.

#3 Phobophobia

This is a phobia of …. having a phobia. Those suffering from it are fearing to be afraid of something, and although it may seem harmless, it can actually cause some serious stress. People suffering from it can be tense all the time and invoke some bad effects on their health.

#4 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

This phobia stems from religious superstition at this number was originally attributed to Satan. People who are afraid of this phobia (we dare you to pronounce it) seriously believe that number 666 will bring great misfortune and grief to those who even say it.

#5 Heliophobia

Besides Vampires, some real people are terrified of the Sun as well. Although sunburns can cause skin cancer and other ailments, Heliophobes fear the sun irrationally and avoid daylight in general, operating only during the night time.

#6 Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia is a fear of bathing, and we bet that many infants (and cats) have it. Still, some grown-ups have this fear as well, and they simply refuse to wash away all the dirt on their skin. This is not the same as hydrophobia (the fear of water) because ablutophobes do drink water or (maybe) wash their teeth.

#7 Amatophobia

According to extensive research, this fear is most common among librarians (that explains a lot). Yet, it sometimes happens that other people too develop this phobia and start cleaning up things extensively, not allowing the dust to set in.

#8 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Well, this is perhaps the most ironic of them all. Hippopo…(well you have it up there above the picture) is a fear of long words. So yeah, any of hippopo….phobes are probably not going even to try reading this one.

#9 Cibophobia

Cibophobia is the fear of food. Although it may sound funny, this fear is most commonly found in people who had trouble digesting food or suffered poisoning. This fear can also be developed by people who are experiencing pains after eating or swallowing.

#10 Genophobia

Although it may sound strange, some people are afraid to have sex. Usually, people who were molested in the past develop this phobia, linking sexual relations to negative emotions. By seeking help and slowly developing trust in people, people can overcome this phobia and finally get a chance to experience something wonderful.


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