10 WTF Moments Caught On Google Maps

You better be careful what you do while you’re outside the comfort of your home, ’cause you never know when you can end up on Google Maps. In this day and age of cellphone cameras, weird things often end up being posted on the internet. Google Maps Platform is no exception, and if you browse its galleries for long enough, you can find some really unusual things there. In this article, we are going to show you some of the most peculiar things that grace the Google Maps archive.

#1 Half A Skater Kid

#2 Wild Wild West

#3 He Has Put On a Show

#4 Hi There

#5 You’re Blocking My View

#6 Scuba Divers Or Masked Vigilantes?

#7 A Horse With No Name

#8 A Circus Has Come To Town

#9 A Legendary Duel

#10 A Halloween In The Making


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