100 Legendary One-Liners Said Right Before The Kill

Although it could be considered as a sort of a “lost art,” witty (and often lethal) one-liners were one of the main trademarks of action movies in the ’80s and the ’90s. From Tony Montana’s “Say Hello To My Little Friend” to John Mcclane’s “Happy Trails Hans”, these iconic scenes served as a closing act for the final action scene in the movie. Although some of this video features scenes from some more recent movies, one-liners, in general, are not that common in cinematography anymore.

Reviving these scenes is not just about their greatness, this video also serves as a reminder of how once upon a time, action movies had a status of a cult, featuring some of the legendary Hollywood actors. It also shows one movie feature that we can rarely see nowadays.

To complete this article, we are going to show you another, similar video. This time you will have a chance to watch (and laugh at) the best 100 one-liners said right after the kill. And, just like the first video, this one too mostly features scenes from the movies that were filmed decades ago. Enjoy!


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