Mountain Goats Have Taken Over The Welsh Town Of Llandudno

A group of 15 mountain goats has taken over the town of Llandudno in Wales. Will Roberts, a local, came across at least 15 of the curious goats outside Primark in Llandudno on Wednesday. The Government’s closure of non-essential shops during lockdown has resulted in dozens of venues being abandoned, which has turned out to be a perfect place for marauding goats.

Will said: “I was cycling to work at 8am expecting to pass through an empty Parc Llandudno when I noticed the goats heading straight for Primark. It made me laugh so I stopped to take some photos. I think I counted 15 in total. ‘I thought I was getting accustomed to seeing them about but they keep managing to pop up in new and more surreal places.”

Before moving to the town, the goats lived on the Great Orme headland. The animals have earned a bad rep for intruding the traffic-free streets and the area around the closed shops.

The animals have become town’s regular visitors who seem to enjoy having free roam of the abandoned streets, scaling walls, eating plants and hedges, and generally causing shenanigans. They are descended from Kashmir mountain goats and were given to Llandudno as a gift from Queen Victoria.

For now, the locals find the intruding goats amusing and so far there weren’t any incidents. Right now, the goats are hanging out around the closed shops, minding their own business. It seems that they find Llandudno to be an interesting place to hang around. We will see for how long they will stay there.


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