15 Times People Sent The Wrong Message By Mistake

Although people usually think through before they publicly announce a message they would like everyone to hear, sometimes a mistake happens and then, a meme is born. Hilarious content made by human mistakes is some of the most favorite posts on the web. In this article, we are going to show you some of the funniest public messages that have turned into a disaster by negligence (or just stupidity), and it’s up to you to tell us in the comments which one you like the most. Enjoy!

#1 Jesus Scares

#2 Extremely Slow Children Playing

#3 Choose Abortion Life Kills

#4 Actually This One Has A Point

#5 I Am Dond

#6 Guaranteed Reduced Quality

#7 Who’s Dipping What?

#8 Drug Is The Free Key

#9 A Little Bit Of Everything I Guess

#10 Vegans Beware

#11 Someone Thought This Was A Good Idea

#12 Enroll Your Russian Child Now

#13 That’s Lot Of Teaching

#14 Call Me Don’t

#15 I Can’t Decipher This


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