3D Designer Recreates Famous Artists From the Past

David Bowie

They say “art breeds art,” and in the case of Hadi Karimi, who does 3D modeling, it has turned out the be true. The young artist recreates some of the most legendary artists from the past few centuries in programs like ZBrush, Maya, and others. Hadi’s 3D images are extremely lifelike, and his attention to detail is unsurpassed. When he decides to do “a portrait” of a famous person, he does the research and checks out every possible source that he can use while working. Hadi uses life and death masks, portraits, posters, and every other source of inspiration that he can find. Check out his portfolio on Instagram and visit his website if you are interested to see more of his work!

#1 Ludwig Van Beethoven

#2 Marilyn Monroe

#3 Marilyn Monroe

#4 Johannes Brahms

#5 Friedrich Nietzsche

#6 Grace Kelly

#7 Kurt Cobain

#8 Clara Schumann

#9 Franz Liszt

#10 Felix Mendelssohn


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