5 Bizarre Music Genres That You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Despite the power of the internet, in this day and age, it’s hard to find authentic music that actually sounds good, especially if you’re searching on your own. Although most of the people are either fans of mainstream music or a specific genre such as rap, heavy metal, or techno, some like to expand their musical horizons further and find something really unique. In this article, we are going to explore some fringe musical genres that you have probably never heard of.

#1 Gypsy Punk

If you are into music, then you have heard of Django Reinhardt and the Gypsy Jazz genre. Upbeat, melodic, and somewhat artistic, Gypsy Jazz always had its audience, and despite being strong in the time of Cole Porter and Bing Crosby, it never achieved commercial success. Gypsy punk is a mix of polka, klezmer, rockabilly, English folk, and punk music. Fast, melodic, and cheerful, this is perfect music for partying.

#2 Japanoise

Noise music is hard to get into, and when you add some “Japanese touch” to it, it transforms into something designed for a specific audience only. Japanese culture has expanded all over the world, and besides manga comics and anime flicks, Japanoise also found its way to leave the land of the rising sun. This genre, revolving around complexity and discord, is not just for anyone.

#3 Chillpop

After the intense sound of Japanoise, we are now moving on to something much slower. Chillpop is a genre that you can enjoy in a variety of situations. You can listen to chillpop while relaxing, studying, or just lounging on your sofa. Chillpop is influenced by many other genres, such as funk, jazz, and classic pop music. Peaceful and serene, this is the kind of music that won’t make you think a lot about it, it’s designed to make your day better.

#4 Bardcore

While most artists take classic songs and “reconfigure” them to sound like they were made 10 minutes ago, there are also those who have decided to go way back and bring back music that was made in an era long gone. Listening to bardcore can be a journey of discovery. By exploring bardcore, you will listen to the famous songs made in “medieval-style”, with their lyrics altered to better suit the genre. Usually slow (there are few exemptions), these songs are defined by the sound of lutes and wonderful vocals.

#5 Dark Cabaret

Probably the most commercially successful of all the genres on this list, dark cabaret appeared on the charts when the group Tiger Lilies made a hit musical ‘Shockheaded Peter’ in 1998. By the way, that particular song was about crucifying Jesus. Today, it’s not unheard of to find a band of dark troubadours releasing some weird and often haunting songs, having their tracks featured in movies or TV shows. Usually, these bands are most often seen performing in cabarets and other similar venues.


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