5 Myths in Dieting and Weight Loss Process

Weight loss written with foil boxes with fitness nutrition
Weight loss written with foil boxes with fitness nutrition

There are loads of myths floating around on what you should do or avoid to lose weight. We have helped you come with a list of 5 of the popular weight loss myths currently floating around. We hope that this will help you shape your dietary plan properly.

Myth One: Consuming fat-free foods will make you lose extra lbs. A low-fat weight-loss food plan can help you shed some excess lbs, but it is against what health officials advise, as completely removing fat from your diet can cause health problems like diabetes and obesity. The body requires fat for good health and proper organ function, but fat consumption also promotes weight loss. It does this by suppressing the hormone that causes you to feel hunger.

Myth Two: Weight loss is promoted by consuming diet drinks, smoothies, and juice detoxes. Information from health officials reveals that fizzy drinks, juices, and smoothies contribute to weight gain by deceiving your body into thinking it has taken in fewer calories than it has. Also, dieting drinks cause weight gain by triggering hunger for the consumption of snacks.

Myth Three: You should eat more energy snacks to lose weight. Energy snacks get easily absorbed into your system as they are processed foods. The body doesn’t need much energy to absorb them than raw foods, which is not suitable for weight loss.

Myth 4: All day food nibbling will increase metabolism and trigger weight loss. You should never starve yourself if you want to lose weight, but you should not nibble on food for the whole day. Snacking all day confuses the body’s internal clock, and it becomes difficult for the body to recognize hunger cues. There is also the risk of taking in more than the daily required calories if you nibble on food all day.

Myth 5: Satisfy every craving as long as you exercise. You should work out to lose some weight, but you will waste your time if you do this while consuming calories at a high rate. What you should do to get in shape is proper meal size management and exercise.

Exercise can help you keep in shape and control your hunger. A daily exercise routine plus a nutritious weight loss plan is the key to losing weight without risking health issues.


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