5 Truly Unusual Pages (And We Tried Them All)

Some of these are useful, some are funny and some are just really strange.

The Internet is truly a magical place. You never can be sure what you are about to come across.

Websites can be created basically by anyone and their topic or interest spectrum can be anything. Some of them are loved and accepted by the mainstream, some of them are hated, and some of them are just unusual, weird…strange.


I have prepared 5 websites, that I think you never heard of or come into the contact with… They have very special functions and not everybody would find enjoyment in visiting them.

I personally did, although some of them are not always working 100% correctly.


GNOD stands for a self-adapting system, that learns about the world the most traditional way that ever was – by asking the visitors what they like and what they do not.

It is operated by 3 people and approximately 300 000 users monthly.

GNOD has multiple ongoing projects including GNOD Music, GNOD Products, GNOD Art, GNOD Literature, and GNOD Movies.

GNOD Music provides visitors with these two features. I have decided to try The Music-Map to see what recommendations I get for the “BILLIE EILISH” (and if they are in any way accurate).

One of the GNOD projects
The Music-Map

And as it says the page itself “People who like Billie Eilish might also like these artists. The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists.”

My80stv.com (use in Incognito)

A website my80stv.com is letting its visitors browse tv from the ’80s (it also includes redirections to the ’70s and ’90s too). If you loved the old-looking, sounding and feeling time of television this page is for you.

You can choose from multiple genre categories as Comedy, Drama, Gameshows, Music, News and many, many more. So you, get a blanket, an old soda cup, some popcorn and get ready to go back in time.

As one of the visitors commented “and down the rabbit hole I went! thanks!”

Disclaimer: Videos are mostly from youtube, it’s recommended to use an Incognito mode to keep your youtube recommendations clear.


Website which operates under the “Bored and needs an activity? Pet the cat for inspiration…” quote. This page was designed to suggest a random activity in case you are bored and want something to do.

Of course I gave it a shot and this is the result:


Well, maybe not the best suggestion as to its lockdown in my country and I don´t have any friends but thanks kitty.

Best reactions and recommedations:

01 Very first press: “Draft your living will.”
….Wtf, cat, what do you know that I don’t

02 “Hunt a child for sport”

03 “masturbate.”
I’m not sure I need extra encouragement.

04 “Start a collection. Requires 1 human.”


Do you want to be an original? Do you want to be different? These website provide its visitors with songs that has never been played before on the Spotify (you probably will find a lot of my songs there).

I had to try it to see for which songs I will be the first person ever to listen them on Spotify and this is what I got:


2 times is enough for me. As one of the visitors mentioned, “I really like the idea… after listening to about 20 tracks though, it’s easy to see why they were forgotten.” Let´s move on.


Yes, Spotify related webpage again.

The premise for the functionality of the page is very simple. 2 Spotify listeners are playing the same song in spite of the fact they don’t know about it, they don´t know each other and of course – they never met. This page will let you see these two listeners, see what are they listening to and how far are they from each other.

Page has started as an experiment in 2014, when Kyle McDonald had the idea of finding the “serendipity” of two listeners pressing play on the same song within milliseconds of each other.

Spotify: Listening Together

Today, every second on Spotify, more than 30,000 people start playing the same song as someone they’ve never met. Check it out #ListeningTogether


I spent the most time on this page out of all the websites in this article. It’s fascinating to me and I wish there was a way how to see the other person, and just randomly talk to them. Ask them why they play exactly the same song as I did, at the same time. I just think the whole concept is really cool.

Every second more than 30 000 people start playing the same song as someone they´d never met.

Let us know which one of these pages you found the most useful, funny or interesting.


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