5 Weird Things That All Cats Do

In our eyes, cats can be furry little rascals, often doing things that we can’t quite understand. Yet, to them, these little “rituals” (as we see them) are a part of their nature and daily routine. In this article, we are going to show you a shortlist of things that cats regularly do, puzzling us along the way.

#1 Rubbing and headbutting

When a cat decides to headbutt you or rub against you, the little feline says that you belong to them. Their pheromones stem from their cheeks, and when they rub them against you, cats are actually marking the territory, saying that you are theirs.

#2 Kneading

By pressing their paws back and forth into you, cats remember their kitten days when they would press their paws on their mother’s tummy to stimulate the flow of milk. When the cat starts doing that, the animal shows you that it is feeling relaxed and safe in your presence.

#3 Spending Time In Tight Places

This habit of theirs probably dates back to a time when house cats lived in the wilderness. There, cats would hide in a safe place to avoid predators. They also feel cozy and secure in small spaces, so it is no wonder why cats spend so much time in boxes, drawers, and sinks. They also tend to hide in tight spaces to observe their surroundings, plotting a surprise attack.

#4 Knocking Things Over

How many times has your cat broken some accessory by batting it off the shelf and watched it as it hits the floor? We often think that cats do that on purpose to annoy us. The answer may lie in the fact that cats use their sensitive paws to check things out, so when they break your glass or knock your decoration off the table, they are just curious about it. Also, they often do that to attract your attention.

#5 Giving Gifts

Cats often bring dead mice or birds that they have hunted down to you. They lay “the prize” at your feet to show how much they appreciate you. In the wild, cats teach their kittens to how to hunt the prey and then and bring it home, so this is just something that’s in their blood. When your cat brings you a dead animal and lay it on your feet, don’t scold it, but also don’t motivate the little hunter to continue doing so.


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