A Viral Video Of Mountain Lion Chasing A Hiker

Widely popular on social media, this video shows the man backtracking while trying to scare a mountain lion (or cougar) away. All of this happened in the Slate Canyon Trail, where Kyle Burgess went hiking. During his walk, Kyle stumbled upon a mountain lion with its cubs. All of a sudden, he found himself in mortal danger as the animal started chasing him. In the video, Kyle tried to scare the animal away by yelling at it.

“I found what I thought were bobcats on the trail during a run. Turns out they were cougar cubs and their mother was not happy to see me. She follows me for over six minutes acting very aggressive while I walk backwards up the trail. Very scary cougar encounter,” he wrote online while sharing the video.

“I didn’t really know what kind of cubs they were or what animal they were. Once I did realized what they were, I was like, that’s mom right there. I’m screwed,” he told Fox 13. He added that he did all the “right things” by not turning around, making himself “bigger,” and making a lot of noise.

In the end, everything turned out fine, since he has somehow managed to scare the animal away. You see the entire video attached below:


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