AC DC Is Back! And Their New Album Is A Tribute To Malcom Young

AC DC in action

Formed in 1973 in Sydney, AC DC is by far the most popular Australian band and one of the greatest rock’ n roll performers of all time. Known for their “dirty hard rock sound” and rather peculiar vocals (that applies to both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson), the band has topped the charts more than once. Formed by two brothers, Angus and the late Malcolm Young, the band has seen multiple “changes of personnel” over the years. In 1980, the band’s singer Bon Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning. His death has hit the band hard, especially because their recent album “Highway to Hell” was topping the charts and was setting the stage for a bright future.

Bon Scott

The band has even considered quitting, but after some consideration, they added Brian Johnson to the squad. With him at the front, the band recorded “Back In Black” in 1980, an album dedicated to Scott’s memory. The album became such a success, it lifted AC DC to new heights. “Back in Black” became one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Brian Johnson (left) and Angus Young (right) in 1980

In 2014, Malcolm Young retired from the band to early-onset dementia (he died three years later). In 2016, Johnson stopped performing with the band due to worsening hearing loss, so Axl Rose stepped in to finish the tour. During their illustrious career, AC DC have sold more than 200 million records worldwide. They also sold 75 million albums in the United States. And now, to honor one of the band’s founders, AC DC has released a new album, “Power Up.” It’s the band’s seventeenth studio album. You can learn more about it by clicking on the video below.


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