An Underwater Park? Welcome to Miami 2021

When good intentions meet the creative mind.

“New year, new me.” Or, in this case, a new underwater public sculpture park called a ReefLine in Miami. The park is set to open for the first time in December 2021. By this time, the first mile should be finished, which is around 1.6 km. The whole park should be expanded 7 times more by the end of the project. It should serve as a vibrant artificial reef.

How it started

Ximena Caminos of BlueLab Preservation Society came with this idea when they learned about artificial reefs’ deposition. They should be placed in the waters of South Beach as an aid in replenishing its coral population.

They wrote for CNN, “I thought, ‘What if we created a reef designed by artists? I’ve always been interested in how we can combine art and science to address issues of sustainability.”

Purpose of this underwater park

Not only curious humans will be able to visit it. The park will also become a habitat for reef organisms, which are in great danger of extinction.

Coral reef colonies are essential. About a quarter of the ocean´s fish depend on them to survive. They are also promoting biodiversity.

While the recent study uncovers that the largest (and maybe even the most famous) coral reef system has lost 50% of its coral life in the past thirty years, this is a great way to step in!

The structure of artificial coral reefs should be concrete, modular units. Shohei Shigematsu, representing the OMA company, stands as a designer for this park, with a team of researchers and coastal engineers, and marine biologists, all working for the same goal, to create something useful, beautiful, and unique.

Art helps oceans

Concerns about the future of coral reefs have been projected into the world of art and design multiple times in recent years. Pantone, the color company, has chosen a color of the year 2019, the so-called “Living Coral.” They wanted to bring to attention that this color might totally disappear from the ocean´s floors because of the rising temperatures of water. Higher temperatures bleaching the coral reef colonies white…

Would you consider visiting this park?


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