Animal Shelter Has Styled Dogs as Senior Citizens for Adoption Photoshoot

Internet adores dogs, so it is always nice to see people using this global tool to do something that will benefit “the man’s best friend.” Flagler Humane Society from Florida has come to an idea to dress up dogs to look like senior citizens for the upcoming adoption photoshoot. It was a necessary move since, despite all the love for dogs, puppies and younger animals are more often adopted than elder canines. To correct this, the Flagler Humane Society has decided to do something unique. Amy Carotenuto from Flagler Humane Society stated:

“One of our managers, Kyndra Mott, came up with the idea of accessorizing the older dogs in senior citizen outfits. Our adoption specialist, Magdalena Grzona is a photographer, so the two worked together & came up with a great adoption promotion.”

The resulting, cute photos show the adorable dogs dressed in hats, wigs, and glasses. We hope that this will help the group’s campaign and get these cute animals a new home.












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