Austrian Village “Fuc*ing” Is Getting A New Name!

The internet loves it but villagers do not!

Austrian village had quite an extraordinary name for a long time, but before the internet, not so many people cared about it!

About the village

This small village is placed in the Innviertel region of western Upper Austria. Just 33 kilometers from Salzburg. The current population of the village is only around a hundred people but because of its interesting name for English speaking person, lots of attention has been drawn! Way, way bigger attention has been drawn!

The main tourist attraction is?

While other cities build great statues, architectural designs, monuments to became popular and for the visitors… this Austrian village does it differently! Can you guess it?!

Road signs, just simple and “ordinary” road signs are the biggest attraction for all the tourists over there.


These road signs actually have been stolen multiple times throughout the years and this is one of the reasons [SPOILER ALERT] why the name will be changed!

The Austrian daily Die Presse reports that the villagers, known as Fuckingers, “have had enough of visitors and their bad jokes”.


The original name was created around the year 1070, some suggest that a Bavarian nobleman called Focko was actually the reason behind this name. In 2013 a movie based on the romantic story of Kurt Palma called “Bad Fuc*ing” was released. It has 5.5 points on IMDB rating so it is up to you to decide whether it is worth watching or not.

What 2021 holds for “Fuc*ing”

If you want to visit the village “Fuc*king” we recommend you to pack your things and head there right away, as the village will be named Fugging from 1 January 2021!


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