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Getting fired or terminated from a job is usually quite an unpleasant experience, but it turns out that sometimes it can be very impressive and funny too, like for instance, when someone is fired for very uncommon reasons. We at Buzzardfeed came across a lot of stories like that and then we couldn’t stop reading, in fact laughing at them. We found whole threads about silly reasons why someone got fired.

1.The Gambling Tournament at Workplace

It is a story of a person working night shifts and to keep himself busy and active, he brought his Xbox. He never knew when the whole team started playing a gambling tournament and he defeated his boss but won something very surprising- the termination for illegal activity at the workplace!

Lesson: Keep your Xbox home.

2.Excessive Innocence Kills

The story of a lifeguard is quite hilarious as he just thought to put smiles on the face of the people swimming on the beach. Somehow, he also seemed inspired by the funny pranks shows. But he never thought his prank will go wrong. He is innocent enough to think that a lifeguard making people scared wearing a shark fin just for the sake of humor, cannot afford this prank.  He now works in a local circus wearing shark fins for a marine show.

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