Baby Panther Is Being Raised By A Russian Woman And Her Rottweiler

Sometimes parents can be very cruel, and that is something not related to humans only. A baby panther called Luna was born in a Siberian zoo and soon after her birth, the little feline was rejected by her mother. Luna’s mother refused to take care of her and give her much-needed milk and care. Luckily, an amazing woman has come to Luna’s rescue. She adopted a little panther and gave her shelter and care. Luna started eating food rich in vitamins that she desperately needed.

Luna’s Mom Rejected Her, But Luckily, A Russian Woman Come To Her Rescue.

After spending some time with Luna, the woman who took care of her decided to buy the little panther from the zoo. Soon after, Luna was introduced to her new family, enjoying all the love that the woman and her Rottweiler pet Venza showered her with.

Baby Panther And Venza Becoming Friends

The two animals become inseparable as they were spending more and more time together. Even as Luna was growing up, two animals continued their friendship, creating an indivisible bond between them. Below you can see some of the photos depicting their beautiful friendship.

A Walk In The Woods
Playing In Snow
Travelling Buddies
Love Knows No Bounds
Enjoying The Frozen Wilds

Luna’s caretaker is experienced and knows how to take care of big cats. She knows what little panther needs to eat to stay healthy. She provides Luna with necessary vitamins and regularly exercises with her. Simply put, her owner knows how to take care of the lovable little panther. Luna is in safe and capable hands and the noble woman who adopter her treats the cute animal well. Make sure that, when you take in an animal, give it all the love, care, and attention it needs.

Luna And Her Owner
A Kiss Of Love

Luna is now all grown up and a healthy, beautiful panther. She has an adorable face, friendly nature and an adorable personality. Stories such as this one show us that humans and animals can get along well and create inseparable bonds that could give us all an example to follow. This is an amazing animal rescue story, worth cherishing. If you have a similar story to tell us, make sure to share it in the comments.

Luna Wants You To Have A Nice Day


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