Barcodes Can Be Creative Too

If you want to make your product stand out, these designs could inspire you.

Details. Life is made of them. Even the biggest sceneries are just a bunch of details pieced together. Sometimes, details stand on their own. They can enrich the boring design or make the common one fresher.

Sometimes, details are meant to be only to gain some competitive advantage for the company. Marketing purpose. Manufacturers of the products from the article below, know it. They trying to do something different with something so ordinary as barcodes or maybe, they just want to have a little bit of fun.

Creative Barcodes

Have you heard that pink is the most common color of toilet paper in France? Now, you might be wondering why I have mentioned that. Our first barcode comes from the toilet paper. It is not the common one as you might spot on any other. This toilet paper barcode has been turned into something not so unexpected, but definitely creative.

Russia is a very interesting place. I bet you have seen many crazy videos from there. Bears driving cars, people driving bears, and many more. This time they present something more subtle but it is probably my favorite one from the whole article. The barcode on this Russian bottle of milk has been turned into a cloth for a “Santa Cat.”

Not only Russia but also Finland is making an appearance in this article. Finn Crips and their very nature-ish barcode. Lines on the box are extended and creating a visual of the forest. Each line is interpreted as a tree and you can watch a white dear walk through.

Do we have any fans of Ramen pot here? I don´t think I could ever notice this despite the fact I used to eat their soups quite often. Definitely one of the more creative ways how to present a barcode on your product. The code is twisted into a nuddles while being grab by the nuddle sticks.

The mash potato pot industry is not standing in the back. One of their manufacturers is turning their barcode into a basket of potatoes. Small little detail, that can bring a smile to your face while you are preparing lunch for your loved ones.

All the previous barcodes were mostly in the common shape (except the cat one). This is the first time, we are presenting a barcode in a totally different shapes. Nomad tent products have designed their codes into the shape of a tent, with two people camping next to it.

Another one with cereals. This time barcode is simply – well not exactly simply but in a very impressive way – into a table.

Shaving cream, of course. Once you see it, you will be like “Oh, that makes complete sense! I can not believe I have not thought about that one before!” While most of the barcodes (in this article) are being extended, not this one. This one is getting “shaved” down!

Mochi candies are like anime-looking sweets. I can not help with that. While I am not the biggest fan of the product itself, I can not deny their conception of barcode puts a smile on my face. Give yourself a little smile while looking at their small creature in the barcode hot tub.

Another creative idea from Russia. This time it is about a pizza box. Barcode turned into a delicious, melted, stretching cheese. I feel like this one is probably not so easy to scan, but it looks great.

This one was put on fabric softeners. Iron is turning straight barcode lines into “nuddles.”

The last one is not a creative one. I would not even consider it a beautiful one. Which adjective could it deserve? What do you think? Annoying?

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Thank you r/DesignPorn and r/BarcodePorn for this source material.

Which one do you like the most?


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