Best “Morning Wood” Memes

Some memes are funny, and then there are memes that are super-funny, but often these posts can come up as distasteful…to some. “Morning Wood” memes are some of the most popular posts on Reddit and 9gag, and these come in all shapes and sizes (pun intended). Used by males and females alike, these posts usually come as a sort of a “pun.” In this article, we are going to show you some of the best “Morning Wood” memes recently posted on Social Media.


Movie scenes often come as a good inspiration for a meme. It’s even better if it’s the scene that many people know. In this case, the author used our favorite actor, Keanu, as meme material.


A random photo often surprises the audience and gain popularity if correctly used in a meme. In this case, the meme creator has done a helluva job.


Similar to the first meme on the list, this one is based on a movie scene as well. This time it’s not about the actors but the quote that serves as a perfect pun.


This is a famous meme template nowadays, and by “playing” with morning wood, it turned a simple wordplay into hilarious content.


Even the cartoons aren’t spared from being used for this meme. Sponge Bob is actually an endless source of meme materials. Therefore, it’s no surprise why he appeared in this kind of a post.


Joking at your own expense can be rewarding, especially if you do it through memes. The worthy Thor meme is one such example, and it has been quite popular on different Social Media platforms.


Memes inspired by science (more or less) can create some pretty unique and hilarious content. This meme proves that.


Using an intense movie scene in a meme gives the post an edge, making thousands of viewers immediately burst into a laugh. When done correctly (like in this case), it makes the post go viral.


This is another highly popular template that top the “meme-charts” on the internet. This post especially has received good feedback on 9gag and Reddit.


This one is a bit older, when “Overly Manly Man” was still the number one meme on 9gag. Yet, you can see this meme being reposted very often. It has never lost popularity.


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