Bill Burr Is Conan’s Funniest Guest

Born in 1968, Bill Burr is without a doubt one of the greatest stand-up comedians of 21st century. Besides performing on stage, Bill also hosts podcasts, writes screenplays for TV shows and even stars in a sitcom called F is For Family. His specials are always popular and hilarious, if not bit controversial. One of his buddies, Conan O’Brien, often calls Bill to be a guest at his shows, and it is in that particular moments that are filmed live where Mr. Burr’s quick wit can be noticed. He is able to turn a small talk about everyday things into a hilarious live performance, and that is something that few other comedians are able to do so well.

He is also able to talk about “touchy” subjects and even roast other celebrities in a way that everyone (or at least most of the viewers) likes. This is often a part of his performance during his stand-up shows, but as you can see below, Bill doesn’t hold back while being a guest at Conan’s as well.

Conan adores having Bill as a guest at his show. Even he once said that Bill is one of the few guests that truly makes him laugh. Although you can find most of these videos on the “Team Coco” YouTube channel, we have decided to show you a compilation of Bill’s most hilarious moments at Conan. Enjoy!


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