Bizzare, Entertaining Work Situations to Make You Laugh

These people shared the best moments, which in a very funny way depict the nature of human character called laziness.

It may seem to some that such a simple operation as setting up street lighting cannot be complex, but the opposite is true. Any situation, however simple, can result in bizarreness.

See for yourself this fact through the pictures in this article.

These posts have been accumulated from subreddit r/NotMyJob.

#1 This is what I called being in the right place at the right time!

This one got me speechless!

#2 Welsh flag? Too complicated!

I would hire that guy for new Game of Thrones spin-off series. Creative designs are always appreciated!

#3 Football field

When you pay more attention to sport results than to math classes!

#4 Closed! Reason: Closed

They: perfect explanation does not exist…
Their boss:

#5 Google Maps

The creativity of some people is simply limitless. While the creativity of others is just a -less.

#6 Holy Bible with Signature

Miracle! I guess there are still some things in life, which can surprise me. I am definitely contacting buyers and buying this, my grandma will love that! Holy Bible signed copy!

#7 Engraving

Actually, I have experienced this when I was ordering a Christmas present for my dad. Especially when you order from e-shops like Etsy and similar to it beware of “comedians.” It can ruin the whole present!

#8 Description fail

Very similar to the previous case. That´s how you know you are dealing with a truly brilliant seller! Cheers to people like that! Great they made sure box does not look obvious!

#9 Streetlight to space

Do you remember how we were talking about how simple or complex it is to install a streetlight?

#10 Customer Support

I am surprised how qucik Daniel P. came with reponse.


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