Blockbuster Movie Classics Posters As Quiz

“CHUNKING” is a Netherlands based designer. His main job is to design brilliant brand identities and advertising for his clients. He has studied at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie for Fine Arts and Design.


Some would think, that after working hours on clients’ orders, he would have enough, but the truth is different. Chungkong creates his own artwork – his minimalistic posters.

After the subjects are stripped down to their bare bones, he brings them back to life in playful designs covering all the aspects of the pop-culture. What makes his work special from other artists is his perception, he understands the key part of the art he is working on, and he knows how to use it in his favor.

Because of this fact, I decided to use his work as a quiz. Let´s see if you and Chunking have similar artistic views…

Blockbuster Posters Quiz

Rules are very simple, I provide you with the poster and one quote, that is from a movie or describes it while the title stays hidden. So even if you can not guess straight from the poster, the quote might help! Your task is to guess correctly what movie is on the poster illustrated. Because I have promoted simple and spot-on visualization of key points as his specialty, you have 15 seconds to answer.

#1 What movie is on the poster below?


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