Can You Believe These Are Real French Laws?

Can you believe these are real laws?

Previously we brought you an article on 5 (Interesting) Laws That Apply in Germany. Today we are back with the second part of this series. This time with another amazing European city – France.

In spite of the pandemic situation, France remains the world´s number one tourist destination. There is a lot of things to see. There is also a lot of laws you need to follow. I have picked those, which seem the most interesting and put them into this article!

1. Snails must have their own train ticket

In 2008, Frenchman Nicholas Bouchet decided to bring 20 or so snails to his preschool class. Nicholas was fined when a ticket inspector caught him carrying the snails on board a TGV. Inspector stated that the fee is for insurance in case animals would be taking a part in an accident and die.

Turns out any domesticated animal under five kilos must be having their own ticket! Ticket for your snail would cost you around 7 €

2. It is illegal to have unlimited/self-service ketchup in school cafeteria

This law has been applied in 2011. Banned were also unlimited mayonnaise and vinaigrette salad dressing. These bans were set as a effort to promote healthy eating among kids.

Ketchup is allowed only for Hamburgers, Plain pasta, Chicken with no sauce and French Fries.

3. It is legal to marry a dead person

The law reaches all the way back to 1959. In this year 420 people were killed by dam burst in southern France. Among the victims were the fiancé of a pregnant woman. She was so upset that former President Charles de Gaulle penned a law allowing them to be married.

In 2017, French police officer Xavier Jugelé married his deceased partner, who was killed by a gunman on the Champs Elysees in April 2017. They had been living together before his partner’s death.

Magali married Jonathan in 2009, one year after he died in a car accident. They had lived together for six years and had two young children together.

Law is still active till the present day. The authorities require to meet the following conditions:

  • prove that the deceased person has the intention to marry them,
  • serious grounds for marriage must be set,
  • the president of France must approve this marriage.

Practise of marrying a dead person is also allowed in China and Sudan.

4. Drinking at work is fine under these conditions

Obviously you can not get hammered at work. As long as you drink wine, beer, cider or hydromel in smaller doses, drinking at work is fine!

I wish we had law like this in my country!

5. UFOs can not fly over Châteauneuf-du-Pape

The mayer of this town has issued a decree banning UfOs from flying over or landing on municipal soil in 1954. This was more of the marketing intention how to get the town and its wine some international media attention. In 2016 law was extended by the new mayor on “any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar, can not land on the territory otherwise they will be taken into custody.”

If I was an alien, this is where I would land first on Earth!

Let us know what you think about these laws in the comment section below…

Which one is the most interesting in your opinion, which one would you love to have in your country or which one would you never want to have in your country?



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