Cardboard Superheroes (Unexpected Potential of Paper)

These two brothers will take your breath away!

Cardboard Superheroes stands for a non-profit organization, which provides free workshops with the aim of art promotion. Cardboard Superheroes has partnered with the Comic-Con Museum to provide a free online workshop to build your own miniature superhero models.

Company was officially founded in 2019 with building experiences reaching all the way to 2013. Cardboard Superheroes has two founders and at the same time brothers Connor Lee and Bauer Lee.

Connor started with making castles and forts out of cardboard boxes at his grandpa’s work. Once he retired, Connor was gifted a “lifetime supply” of cardboard boxes. He created his first life-sized robot at age of 6.

His younger brother Bauer also loved to built since he was little everything from airplanes to ninja stars, tanks, and others… After seeing his brother´s cardboard superhero models, Bauer has decided to join Connor and they created a Cardboard Superheroes.

The Whole Cardbox Family
Avengers Assemble!
Baby Groot

Here are some other creators, that we found on Reddit:

Posted by u/BareFootBandittt

r/scifi - Homemade Millennium Falcon using only cardboard, Hot glue, and a LED strip
r/scifi - Homemade Millennium Falcon using only cardboard, Hot glue, and a LED strip
r/StarWars - Homemade cardboard costume. I'm 16 and I just made this for fun out of stuff in my house. How is it?
Posted byu/KamalGamoji

We will be following story of this company, as well as these two young and very creative brothers. Who knows, maybe one day they will fight each other for the company itself!

Stormbreaker vs Stormbreaker



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