Oversimplified, A YouTube Channel That Makes Learning History Fun

Formerly known as Webzwithaz, Oversimplified is an American YouTuber that talks about wars, revolutions, and historical figures. His work is manifested in a form of short animated YouTube videos that explain history in a fun and simple way. OverSimplified created his account 14 years ago, but he uploaded his first video on October 21, 2016, titled WW1 – OverSimplified (Part 1).

As you can see above, the video now has 27 million views and his channel has 4.41 million subscribers. Fun, witty, and extremely well-educated, oversimplified talks about history in an objective manner. He also covers various eras, not just 20th-century events. One of his most viewed videos is about the American revolution. You can see it below.

Although American, Oversimplified is also interested in the history of other nations. More than once he has covered topics that are not known so well in the wider world. His videos such as “The Emu War” and “The War of The Bucket” are such examples. Also, his video that explains the era of “Three Kingdoms” in China is particularly interesting and it was made possible by the Total War Three Kingdoms franchise.

For now, the channel has only 24 videos, but it is obvious that millions of people are taking a liking to it. As you could see from a Three Kingdoms video, Oversimplified has started collaborating with some really well-known sponsors, so he will likely work on this project for a very long time. Besides being fun, his channel can help you pass a history exam as well, therefore make sure to check it out!


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