Check Out The Viral Video Of A Cat That Goes Crazy In A Room Full With Toilet Paper

Pusic The Cat, once a sick stray kitten from the streets of Belarus in 2014, has a weird affinity for toilet paper. The cat enjoys playing with it and can spend the whole day tossing the paper around and jumping on it. In order to treat their feline friend, the family who once saved Pusic (and is now having him as a pet) has decided to buy tons of toilet paper for him.

The family purchased 100 rolls of toilet paper and scattered it all over the living room. They placed it even on the wall, on the floor, and the ceiling. Then, the family set up a camera to record how Pusic enjoys his new playground. In the video above, you saw how Pusic reacted to this present.

After sharing the video posted above, it went viral with more than 600,000 people sharing it online. Pusic has become a star and now has more than 100 million views on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos and posts.


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