Check Out These 10 “Politically Incorrect, Bold, And Sometimes Over The Line” Comics

Sappy Dayz is one funny online comic book. Its creators likes to poke fun at pretty much anything, and their work features X-rated entertainment, death, even our own stupidity. To them, nothing is off-limits. Just as any other truly independent artists, the creators of Sappy Dayz like to let the viewers understand the group’s work in their own way. And very often some of the artists like to say “if you are offended by anything we publish and feel the need to express your outrage please kindly f**k right off”. In this article, we have compiled a small list of their works, so please leave a comment below and tell us what you think about these sketches.

#1 Jehova’s Witnesses on Helloween

#2 God, Caine And The Wife

#3 We Can Do It

#4 Nature In A Nutshell

#5 Choose Wisely

#6 Love Your Heart

#7 Misinformationman

#8 Based On A True Story

#9 Doom-O-Matic 5000

#10 I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


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