Check Out These 10 Celebrity Custom Cars

Although usually known for their luxurious homes or elegant (and sometimes weird and provocative attire), celebrities also enjoy purchasing custom-built cars. Because of the ridiculous amount of money that they have (at least most of them), they often opt to buy “unique” vehicles that would eventually become a part of their “brand.” In this article, we are going to show you some of the coolest custom-built celebrity cars that you may see on the US highways.

#1 James Hetfield’s Iron Fist

Metallica’s front-man, James Hetfield is a well-known car connoisseur. Some time ago, he preferred driving muscle cars, but as time passed by, he has started favoring hot rods. Although he tried modifying this vehicle himself, he eventually turned to Blue Collar Customs, a team that has designed this piece of art.

#2 Will.I.Am’s Custom Coupe

Designed for Will.I.Am, a famous American rapper, this custom car was built around a supercharged Corvette LS3 engine. He likes to drive weird cars, so this particular machine’s design should not come as a surprise. Done by West Coast Customs, the car resonates with an old-school vibe.

#3 Justin Bieber’s Liberty Walk 458

Another work of West Coast Customs, this is a Ferrari designed for Justin Bieber himself. Although Biebs always preferred cars that look bizarre, this machine definitely boasts futuristic looks and appears intimidating if encountered on the road.

#4 Chris Brown’s Camouflaged Lambo

When you take a glance at this car, you can either say that it looks awesome or that it is an abomination. Nobody can stay neutral on this one. What matters the most is the fact that this is a top-quality automobile based on the design of the camouflage Nike Air Foamposites.

#5 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Fisker Karma EV Speedster

This car has rather stylish looks, designed to be a perfect toy in the hands of one of the most beloved actors ever. A luxury four-seater extended-range EV, Fisker Karma EV Speedster boasts both strength and speed, and it is a reliable car, perfect for American highways.

#6 Nicki Minaj’s Pink Lambo

Designed to fit in well with Nicky Minaj’s style, this car was not made for showing off. This vehicle is worth more than $400,000 and she used it to promote her new clothing line at K-Mart. Knowing her entrepreneurial abilities, we can say that she has probably earned much more from that deal than she has spent on this car.

#7 Zac Efron’s Mustang

This cool vintage Mustang actually belonged to Zac Efron’s grandfather. He paid a small fortune to restore and customize it. It took him 2 years to completely redesign this car, and now, Efron simply can’t get out of this 1965 Mustang. He’s been regularly photographed driving it.

#8 David Beckham’s Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

Besides being known as one of the best footballers that have ever played the game, David Beckham is also an avid car collector. This custom-built Rolls-Royce Phantom doesn’t come with a monster engine only, but it also features a custom-installed multi-media TV/DVD system.

#9 Jay-Z’s Maybach Exelero

As one of the wealthiest people in the music industry, Jay-Z is a man who can afford just any car in the world. His Maybach Exelero resonates with elegance, and it looks like something straight out of a Bond film. This car is worth $8 million and can go over 200 mph.

#10 Flo Rida’s Gold Bugatti

Now that’s a “flashy-looking” car. Originally wrapped in chrome, this vehicle was painted because the famous rapper wanted to give it a “unique, gangsta look.” It is impossible to miss this beast on the highway. Besides having a bit peculiar exterior, it also moves fast as lightning.


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