Check Out This 5 Amazing Prehistoric Fossils

Although museums are not the most popular destination for youngsters, they should know that some pretty amazing things can be found there. One of these “amazing things” is a set of dinosaur fossils. These beautiful (and terrifying) creatures defied the laws of nature, boasting impressive size and looks that will make you say “Holy Crap.” Nowadays, there are thousands of fossils to be found in museums from all around the world. To spare you a trip, we have decided to bring some of the most impressive dinosaur remnants to your screen. While some of these fossils are stored in museums, others were left in the places where discoverers found them. Please leave a comment which one you liked the most!

#1 The Argentinosaurus, A Giant Of Its Own Kind

Found in present-day Argentina (hence the name), Argentinosaurus had its hind legs as tall as 15 feet (4.5 meters), a trunk length of 23 feet (7 meters), and an overall body length of 98 feet (30 meters). They were also heavy creatures, and it is estimated that the average specimen’s weight is around 60 to 100 tons.

#2 Stupendemys geographicus, A Car-sized Turtle

This prehistoric creature wore a heavy armor so it could cope with Purussauri, its nemesis that looked like a 10-meter crocodile. Stupendemys geographicus was 3 feet long and it weighted 1.25 tons. This prehistoric turtle’s fossil that you can see on the picture above even has a Purussauri tooth in it!

#3 Fossil Of A Chaohusaurus Mother Giving Birth

This particular specimen of Chaohusaurus, a creature that looked like a lizard with an elongated body, was fossilized while giving a birth. The unique 248-million-year-old fossil was found in South Majiashan, China, back in 2011. Chaohusaurus lived underwater and was 2 meters long in average.

#4 Two Dinosaurs Caught In A Fight

Found in a Gobi desert, this amazing fossil shows a Velociraptor, a 6-foot (2-meter) tall, 180-pound (80-kilogram) dinosaur, and a Protoceratops, a 5.9-foot (1.8-meter) long herbivorous dinosaur, battling each other to death. Unfortunately for them, it’s the sandstorm of epic proportions that caught them off guard and transformed them into a valuable piece of history.

#5 Perfectly Preserved Remains Of Brachylophosaurus

Brachylophosaurus was a 9-meter long creature known for the flat duck-bill appearance of the bones in their snouts. It weighed somewhere between 7 and 8 tons. In July of 2000, a specimen of a Brachylophosaurus named Leonardo was discovered. It had a fully articulated and partially mummified skeleton, and it remains to be one of the best-preserved dinosaur fossils up to this day.


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