Crazy Russia: These Are Top 10 Most Bizarre Pictures From Russian Dating Sites

Winston Churchill once described Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,” and to be perfectly honest, few countries can produce so many bizarre memes and funny pics as that intriguing country did. From “In Soviet Russia” memes to Russian traffic camera videos, this country (unintentionally, of course) produces so much funny content that 9gag, 4Chan, and Reddit are swimming in Russian-related hilarious posts. In this article, we are going to see some funny (and perhaps mildly disturbing) pictures from Russian dating sites. Only Russians can create something like this.

#1 Soviet Hulk

The hero we don’t need, but the one we deserve

#2 The God Of Thunder

In Russia, Thor Doesn’t Wear Pants

#3 A Class Over Trash

Just Like Rose In “Titanic”

#4 This Year, Halloween Came Early

She Grew Up On A Farm I guess…

#5 A Real Man Is Not Afraid To Show Emotion

Women Love Cats And Flowers, This Guy Knows That

#6 Catwoman Has Fallen On Hard times It Seems

Purr… *Takes A Sip Of Votka

#7 Don’t Bring A Fishing Rod To A Gunfight

Who Needs Worms When You Have Bullets?

#8 He Wasn’t Sober When He Posed For “This”, Was He?

What’s In The Jar?

#9 Baby I am Ready To Go

I Hope That It’s Warm Enough In The Trunk, There’s Snow Everywhere!

#10 Standing High Above The Rest

She’s Got Killer Looks

What makes things so weird is the fact that these pictures were not a part of some joke. All of the “models” here dead serious when taking these pics, and they even had them posted on Social Networks. Well, at least these photos have brought a smile to our faces. Perhaps, these good people have even managed to get in touch with one another and start a relationship? Well, it’s highly unlikely, but at least we can hope so.


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