Destination F – The Ultimate Compilation

Since the dawn of the internet (and YouTube), “fail videos” were pretty much the most viral content in the world. From people falling on the ground to videos of cars going off the road, fail videos are remaining to be an endless source of fun on the web.

Although once upon a time you could look for those videos searching for them one by one, nowadays, there are compilations rich with hilarious content. One such compilation of videos is “fail blog”. You can easily find this channel on YouTube, so make sure to browse its content if you want to have a laugh.

But then, there is another funny channel that you can take a look at. Ozzy Man is a guy from Australia, known for his unique accent and sharp wit. He is a humorous video commentator whose content is now well-known all around the world. Recently, he has decided to create a fail compilation in his own, unique style. Like most of his other videos, this one too is defined by his unique voice and clever (and funny) remarks.

If you have time and want to laugh some more, make sure to take a look at another funny compilation attached below. This other video is a part of a fail blog and it contains numerous fails that have happened in November 2020. Enjoy!


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