Did the World Really Just Bully YouTube?

Youtube Rewind 2020 is not happening!

The official Instagram account called ytrewind has announced in their yesterday´s post, that they are taking a break from Rewind this year.

Official statement from Instagram

Youtube Rewind is a video series that started in 2010. Rewind has an aim to provide an overview and recap of each year´s viral videos, trends, music and events. Throughout the years more and more Youtube personalities made an appearance in this series.

Throughout the years we have seen many appereances in this series.

Rewind 2010 video included the top 10 most popular videos on Youtube.

Rewind 2011 featured Rebecca Black as a host with her hit “Friday” which became a viral video in March 2011.

Rewind 2012 was all about…”Gangnam Style.” It does not even feel like it´s been 8 years ago, I know. 

“The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” was the highlight of the Rewind 2013. Maybe highlight is too strong expression, it is the most memorable part of this rewind.

Rewind 2014 was again about the music. “Turn Down for What” and more Tvshow hosts are getting to a spotlight of the rewind. The Stephen Colbert, Conan O´Brein, John Oliver all of them were featured.

2015 Rewind featured “Watch Me” and many others.

Rewind 2016 was all about the challenges, Pokémon Go, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and more and more late night show hosts.

Rewind 2017 PewDiePie exclusion from Rewind after controversies that happened earlier that year. 4.5 million likes to 2.3 million dislikes.

Big controversy was sparked in 2018 when the Youtube biggest star PewDiePie did not make an appearance in the video (while Will Smith did?). To not feature the highest subscribed person on the platform was not a good step. 2.9 million likes to 18 million dislikes!

This is one of the most disliked videos on the whole platform. This series in general receives a backlash year by year and that is the context you need for the following comments on the official statement from their Instagram.

Rewind 2019 PewDiePie is back, but Rewind does not feel fresh anymore… 3.4 million likes to 9.2 million dislikes.


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