Diego Maradona, One Of The World’s Greatest Footballers Dies Aged 60

One of the best footballers in the world’s history, Diego Armando Maradona, has died today, at the age of 60. The legendary “Hand of God” had a glorious career, winning a gold medal at the 1986 World Cup and several other accolades at the club’s level. Yet, besides being a phenomenal athlete, Maradona has also struggled with cocaine addiction that eventually took a huge toll on his health. The news of his death has taken the world by storm, and now, fans from all around the world are paying respect to a deceased legend.

Because of Maradona’s death, Argentina will mourn for three days, and the Argentine football association expressed its sorrow on Twitter. Despite being fierce football rivals with Argentina, Brazil was one of the first nations to pay tribute to a man who tormented their national football team in the 80s and the 90s. Their football association has posted a picture below as a sign of respect for the Argentinian.

Besides numerous football clubs such as Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Maradona’s beloved Napoli, even celebrities and TV Networks paid respect to the Argentinian legend. ESPN was one of the first to pay tribute to Maradona:

The city of Naples, the home of Napoli where Maradona played for years and won lots of trophies, remembered its legend. Upon hearing the news of Maradona’s death, the mayor of Naples proclaimed a day of mourning while the lights of the San Paolo stadium will stay on all night to pay respect to the Argentinian champion.

Although often called a “Hand of God” because of the goal that he scored against England, Maradona’s greatest fit was something different. During the same game, played in the 1986 World Cup, Maradona performed a miracle that was dubbed as “the Goal of the Century.” You can see that masterpiece of professional sports in the video below.

Although he was a controversial person who has struggled with many vices, Maradona was also the legend of football and talent without equal. Although ill (he had a brain hemorrhage to follow many years of ill health), Maradona never showed weakness, standing proud as always. He died of cardiac arrest. Today, the world has lost one of the best athletes that have ever played the game and one of the most unique characters in professional sports. Rest in peace, “El Pibe de Oro” (“The Golden Boy”), you will never be forgotten. 


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