Digital Photography – Getting Started With Food Photography

Photographer clicking a picture of food using digital camera
Photographer clicking a picture of food using digital camera

Pictures of delicious meals in magazines and recipe books are always lovely to the eyes, and they make you crave the food.  Don’t you think it would be amazing to be able to take pictures of the dishes you prepare for yourself?  Here are some tips for you to develop your skill very well in food photography.

Use a Tripod

Taking creative photo of food in studio
Taking creative photo of food in studio

Sometimes, you might have to take your food pictures using slow shutter speed and in low-light condition. Taking pictures with slow shutter speed will make your camera more sensitive to movement and this can lead to blurry pictures that are not good.

This is why you need a tripod stand to help you achieve stability while taking food pictures under these conditions.

Recently built tripods stands are easy to move around with, as you can fold them and carry them around. They are strong and not a burden. With the tripod stand, you will take great food pictures and have more fun with digital photography.

Limit your zone

In food photography, you don’t need to show every part of your dish. All you need is a part that is pleasing the eyes and will make people salivate.

The photo of a chocolate pudding is a good example.

Imagine looking at the chocolate pudding through your camera lens. Now Zoom in close to the edge of the pudding and wait for when the hot and chocolate pudding flows down through to the pudding, then take the picture. Capturing the steam from the sauce will make the picture even better.

With this approach, you are sure your viewers will be salivating when they look at the picture of your chocolate pudding.


Practicing is key to being a great photographer. Photographers that take the best pictures also became better through practice and they used the experience they gathered to their advantage. Being a great photographer isn’t about how many books you’ve read on photography – you could remain an amateur after reading all the books.

Taking pictures is the best learning process. You keep taking till you take great ones and notice what you did right.

You could start building your food photography skills by taking pictures of a variety of fruits in your bowl. You explore every angle you can use and keep trying till you become great at it.


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