Don’t Let Be Fooled, Fool Others

Have you been fooled? Penn and Teller have not! Be like Penn and Teller!

You know the saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” You know what is better – not to get fooled! Do you know what is even better than that? Fool somebody else, record it and make a buck out of it!

Check out this article and prevent yourself to get fooled.

Some of them just never get old!

The coin water bottle magic trick

We love this performance of the coin water bottle trick. Using Abrakadabra and other magic formulas while performed moves provides a magic show outlet for a viewer.

The funnel coin game trick

Timing is everything! If you want to try this one on your own family members or friends it is important to keep in mind to use a funnel with a wide throat.

Credit card trick

If you catch a card, you can swipe the card. If you don´t catch a card, you can swipe the card (for hospital bills).

Spoon game trick

All you need is one evil person to help you perform this one! It’s so savage. We do not recommend trying this at home… but if you do, please record it and send us the video!.

Wipe water trick

Side effects of trick: People included in it might suffer a permanent damage from cringe.

(Short version)

When you need to used your communication skills.

Water on the ceiling

This one is truly mean… Can anybody from Mr. Trump´s family try this one out? Thank you!

(BONUS) When it goes wrong, not as you planned

Right now, you know how these tricks are working, you shouldn’t get fooled. Instead of that, you can use some of these ideas and make a memorable moment, but don’t forget to record it.


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