Evolutions of Famous Actors by Jeff Victor, Quiz #2

Artist Jeff Victor hails from Los Angeles and is no newcomer or amateur to the illustrator scene. He has collaborated with prestigious and world-famous companies such as Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics and Nickelodeon.

His current job focuses on illustrating children’s books.


We decided to take his artistic expression and do a little twist on it – created a quiz instead of a classic article.

The quiz is aimed at actors and actresses that everyone knows and their most famous film roles in which they acted. It will be up to you to recognize the names behind these life’s move roles.

For each correct guess, you get one point for each wrong answer you get 0 points. See you at the finish line!

If you don’t like to guess, you can move to the last page, which captures all the answers.

Source: Jeff Victor

You can try the first quiz this series: Quiz #1

No. 1 Evolution of …?



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