Ex-Men – A Parody Of The X Men Series

Made by Pete Holmes, an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and podcaster, “Ex-Men” series is a parody of The X Men franchise that has gained huge popularity during the early 2010s. The plot of the series describes professor Xavier firing various X men and is defined by his witty (and quite often rude) remarks. Although the series has dozens of episodes, we are going to show you just a few to pick your curiosity. And to make you laugh, of course.

Professor X And Wolverine

In this video, Professor X mocks Wolverine for his actual lack of any superpowers. Wolverine is here portrayed as a simpleton who can’t even understand properly what Xavier tries to tell him.

Professor X And Cyclops

Xavier is pointing out that Cyclops has powers that can kill the entire school, spewing distasteful remarks along the way. Yet, once again, Pete Holmes did a great job of playing a rude version of Professor X.

Professor X And Jubilee

Well, a girl that throws fireworks at people is not much of a superhero. In its rather peculiar way (the part with Skrillex is hilarious), Professor X explains that to Jubilee.

There are lot more videos that are a part of this hilarious series and you can find them on Pete Holmes’ YouTube channel. These sketches give one rather different insight on X men and their characters, and you will probably like every last one of this vids.


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