Famous People As Famous Cartoon Characters (Quiz)

How many can you guess correctly?

We are back again with another article/quiz type of content for you. After very popular Blockbuster Posters and Popular Characters Merged here is your third chance to challenge your friends and compete with them.

This part of the “miniseries” will be focused on popular celebrities and how would they look like as popular cartoon characters.

All of the visuals have been created by the Ukrainian illustrator, an artist named Helen Morgun. If you want to show her your love and support give her a follow on Instagram with #buzzardfeedquiz.

Helen Morgun´s Instagram


Rules are very simple, I provide you with an already edited photo. It will be up to you to guess, which two characters have been merged to create it. You have 15 seconds to answer!

I think everything is clear and we are ready to start! Good luck and have fun!

  1. This blue-eyed guy.


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