Good Movies as Old Books by Matt Stevens, Quiz #3

Matt Stevens is a USA-based designer and illustrator, which combines the traditional art form with the more modern art form.

Book + movie = MASTERPIECE.

He creates old-looking book covers of the biggest movie hits. Therefore, this series is also called Good movies as old books.

We decided to create an original quiz instead of the traditional article. We will not offer you options, as some book covers seem very clear to us and we assume there will be no options needed. The quiz contains 8 pictures (questions). For the right answer, you get a point and for the wrong answer (or without the answer) you didn’t lose or get anything.

This is the last quiz from the series, the first you can find here.

If you don’t have a mood to guessing, you can just move on to the last page. You will find there all the pictures completed with titles.

Enjoy this quiz!

Let’s get started:

#1 What movie is on the book cover?



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