Guy Parked A Tank In Front Of British Parliament

Jamesem Haskellem representing a British company Grenade (gym owners) has parked an orange tank in front of the British parliament earlier this week!

Fitness industry rolls orange tank into Westminster in lockdown protest :  CityAM

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Gyms are safe, Gyms are essential #KeepGymsOpen@jameshaskell @Paul_Olima

Mr. Haskellem and his company are not satisfied with the lockdown situation which is occurring in Britain since this Thursday (4th of November), they argue that based on scientific studies and research, gyms are not supporting the spreading of coronavirus. On the other hand, gyms are significantly contributing to a better mental state of the people.

Gym owners have also started a petition, which was signed by more than 500 000 Brits. Nothing helped. Not a petition! Not even a tank!


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