Hansruedi Ramsauer, A Photographer Whose Work Will Daze Your Mind

Image manipulations are illusions created by photo editing techniques in which ordinary photos are converted into something alluring, and surreal. Hansruedi Ramsauer, has abandoned his career in finance to become a photographer, skilled in creating surreal pics. He is very skilled in this line of work, in fact, Ramsauer is so good that his pics have been featured by brands like Photoshop, Genesis USA, and Columbia EU. He has even held some exhibitions for his art too.

Ramsauer has gave an interview to the press sometime ago. He stated: “I’m a web designer and wanted to get better in Photoshop. In order to do so, I challenged myself to create one piece every day and posted it to Instagram. It was never meant to be art or anything like that. After 6 months, Photoshop reposted one of my images and from this moment, it never stopped going upwards. Last year, I had my first exhibitions in Switzerland and the next ones are already planned and I had the chance to work for major brands like @genesis_usa, @columbia_eu, and @photoshop.”

He added: “I hope that I can inspire people to change their perspective when they are stuck in any way, as I believe that the perspective you have on your life creates your life. Probably this makes it clearer: When you have a negative perspective on something, you can’t probably change the ‘something,’ but you can question your perspective.”

It is obvious that Ramsauer is a very talented artist who has a bright future ahead of him. To honor his work and to amuse our faithful fans, we have decided to create a list of his finest works. Make sure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and tell us which of these photos you like the most. Enjoy!



























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