Have You Ever Seen Dumber Designs?

Who stands behind them I really do not know.

Designs are made to catch the eye of people walking by, users scrolling through pages… Unfortunately, some of the companies see the visual aspects of their promotion only this way. They try to aim for the most amazingly looking slogan, with a variety of superlatives but they forget about one important thing. The truth.

They forget to deliver what they promise to you on your “first date.” We have prepared 10 of the practical examples when designs simply have failed their consumers.


This post could not be created without the subreddit called r/assholedesign so, If you are interested in looking for more similar cases of this incredibly annoying “trend” just visit their subreddit.

The Dumbest Designs

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Difference between a small and a large beer

This is the very common way how the pubs try to trick their customers. Cheating like this is very under a class of any decent place. If you know about a place like this we recommend you to stop supporting them and make sure people get to know about their techniques of delusions.

In spite of the fact that glasses are visually different sizes, their volume capacity is pretty much the same!


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8% of alcohol or..?

Another very popular technique. Small, barely visible letters sell very well when they change the meaning of your main feature for the promoted product!


What a large drink!

This TikToker uncovered the dirty tactics of this coffee place. As you can see, what you buy is not exactly what you get. Scammers get more and more creative every day!


No Description


The Stranger Things spoiling The Stranger Things

Yes, you have read it correctly. For the ones who have not to buy The Stranger Things tv-series and watched it on Netflix – we have news. On the Blu Ray for Stranger Things Season 1 you have an unskippable ad for the second season – which of course contains Season 1 spoilers! Also, this ad is running for over 5 minutes!

The Stranger Things S1 Blu Ray has an unskippable ad for S2 that contains S1 spoilers. And the ad is over 5 minutes long.

118k votes, 3.8k comments. 1.7m members in the assholedesign community. Because nothing comes before profit, especially not the consumer.


Amazon Prime bait

The owner of Amazon is making more money than anyone else in this period. Mr. Bezos is earning even more during the pandemic than at any other time! Here is how their service Amazon Prime Video works – well, more like “doesn´t work.”


Their page offers you to get their Prime package. Once you pay for it, only after that they will make you familiar with whether their title is or is not available in your location.

Meowy Christmas …till forever

Let´s step away from the serious stuff and take a look at some funny ones. Like this Christmas card, which does not want to shut up. Unless the battery runs out…or you just destroy it. If you ask me, I recommend destroying it! It even has a damn glitter on it, you will never get rid of that stupid thing.

Also it´s a perect gift if you hate somebody.

An evil masterpiece…

17.9k votes, 396 comments. 1.7m members in the assholedesign community. Because nothing comes before profit, especially not the consumer.


Let´s play “Hide and Seek”

Can you found the “Unsubscribe button on this photo?” I gladly give you minute or two to accomplish this task. Good luck!


How did you do? Have you found it? The “Unsubscribe” button is almost the same color as everything else and that is why you can not find it. The button is placed in the right bottom corner.


When you and robot get too personal


Very simple and clear assigment of the test

Click on the link below if you have ever said “this test is too difficult.” I think this will change your perspective on what is “difficult.”


Lies everywhere


2 811 or 298 937?



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