Here’s 10 Pics Of People To Whom 2020 Wasn’t That Kind

We all have learned that 2020 is A REALLY bad year. Yet, although most of us are shaken by the global events and the things that pretty much most of us share nowadays (such as lockdowns, pay cuts, and the constant fear of COVID-19), there are people who have suffered some rather unusual mishaps and troubles. In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 pictures of people who were having a quite worse day than you.

#1 Some Gary Has Asked For “Garry Loves Doris” And He Got This!

#2 Dude Tried To Pull A Jacket Over His Head And Then This Happened

#3 A Driveway Crew Was Pouring Concrete At A New House Next To A Duck Pond, And It Turned Out To Be A HUGE Mistake

#4 When You Find A Water Snake Living In Your Toilet…

#5 Looks Like Someone Put Too Much Soap In The Washing Machine

#6 At Least It’s Charged

#7 When Your Wife Gets You A Random Tag At The DMV

#8 A Couple Went To Celebrate Honey Money At The Eiffel Tower And They Really Enjoyed The View

#9 A Cable Guy Drills A Hole Through The Wall, Into A Closet, And Right Through A Brand New Martin HD-28V (Expensive Guitar)

#10 She Also Has A Good Sense Of Humor


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