Historical Misconceptions We Know You Believe

How many of these you still believe?

Clark Miller better known online as Sam O’Nella Academy is a guy who will tell you the truth, about 10 Historical misconceptions he thinks you still believe. Or as he likes to call them “Malarky.”


About Sam

Clark was born in 1998, he studies Chemical Engineering. His youtube channel is focusing on educational American comedic videos which might use light to heavy swearing. And that´s basically all, that internet knows about him. Well, one more small thing. This is how he looks like:


What a nice guy, right? Great hair!

10 Historical misconceptions video

In the video we are making this article about, Sam speaks about some misconceptions you might discuss with your friends while hanging out, with your parents over dinner, or on any other occasion.

Nobody was burned to death at the Salem Witch trials.

This is a widely known misconception. Many people believe that witches were real and they were burned to death at the Salem Witch trials. Let Sam get you out of this lake of false.


Of all the people who were accused of witchcraft:

19 of the accused were ordered to be hanged and died this way.

15 of them were put into prison and eventually died there.

1 of them was squished to death.

These are the real statistics, which are usually misinterpreted or not even mentioned. People have wild ideas about these trials and no wonder. We all want to believe in magic.

Let´s go back to that one person who was squished to death. His name was Giles Corey and he was a “badass.” As Sam states in the video


He was 81 years old and so done with the town of Salem garbage that he wouldn´t even dignify the trial with the plea. So the town stuck him between two boards and stack rocks at the top of him in an effort to draw out of him a confession. But every time they try to get something out of him all he would say was “more weight.”


Then Sam continues about how they kept asking him the same questions for 3 solid days until he finally dies. He did not give them any confession. So you can only wonder!


For the full video click below:


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