Honest Trailers – Hilarious Parodies Of Movie Announcements

If you are a veteran user of YouTube then you have probably heard of “Honest Trailers.” This is a set of videos dedicated to making parodies of movie trailers, and even the announcer impersonates that familiar type of voice often used in that line of work. It’s a part of a channel called “Screen Junkies”, and it boasts lots of fun content. The channel has changed voice actors over the years as you will probably notice while scrolling through this article. One of the most popular videos that has put this channel on the radar is the Avenger trailer parody that you can see below.

Of course, as the years went by (the channel has been active since 2008), its number of fans started rapidly growing. There is no particular type of movies that “Honest Trailer” does. On this channel, you can find every possible flick that is worthy of note. Of course, the channel’s fanbase dictates the course that this channel takes, and they write what movie they would like to see next.

Eventually, “Honest Trailers” started covering lots of other topics, and you can see everything from cartoons to renowned TV shows here. One of its most popular videos, made in 2013, is the parody trailer of Breaking Bad.

It is obvious that the channel “Screen Junkies” has a bright future ahead of it. Despite being on YouTube for so long, the channel is still popular and produces new content regularly. Not to mention that it still manages to satisfy its vast host of followers that is demanding new content every day. Attached below is one of the channel’s last videos, posted just a few days ago.


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