How to Avoid Heated Arguments at Thanksgiving Table?

Thanksgiving is all about the meals and celebration, but that doesn’t mean that gossip and rumors will keep away. While some of us enjoy these discussions, some can’t tolerate Thanksgiving dinners because of the endless gossip.

You got to agree that sometimes these dinners turn into the most challenging arguments that are remembered forever. If the party is at your place this year, then here are some proven ways that can help you control the situation:

Do not talk politics

One of the hot topics of discussion at the Thanksgiving table is politics. Believe us. It never ends well. There cannot be a more explosive topic than politics. People can have different opinions, and the urge to explain themselves always turns ugly.

It has been seen that Thanksgiving dinner among opposing party members lasts 50 minutes shorter than among the same party members.  Whenever such debates start escalating at the Thanksgiving table, you can take the initiative by saying, “let’s keep the politics out of Thanksgiving.” Just end it right and there, and it will save you many ordeals.

Vegan vs Carnivores

When Vegans and Carnivores face off each other, it can hurt a lot of sentiment. As a host, you should plan and add both vegan and meat recipes to your dinner. At the same time, guests should keep their expectations under check. The entire meal cannot be prepared according to your choices. 

If one of the guests is offended by your preparation, tell them politely that “I have worked hard and really want you to enjoy the meal.” This will mean that you wanted no disrespect towards them. Hence the situation will remain under control.

Stay prepared for criticism

It takes a lot to prep for Thanksgiving meals, and in return, all we expect is some praise. But that’s not what happens always. Whatever you do, some people will always remain unhappy with your efforts?  Stop taking the harsh comments to your heart. Try ignoring them. Always be ready for the criticism and maintain that smile on your face. If possible, have a few apologizing lines at your tip.

It’s your party so have control

You have worked so hard on making this meal possible, then keep it together at any cost. Stay on your toes for all sorts of destructive conversation. There are usually many at Thanksgiving tables. People might intentionally try to hurt you, and even if you are hurt, do not respond with the instinct to hit back; instead, handle it constructively.

Laugh it out

We all wish Thanksgiving meals to be peaceful, but there is always the elephant in the room who loves to pick a fight.  We always suggest a pre-emptive set of rules for the conversation in advance. One of the best ways to avoid suck talk is by laughing out every situation. It not only helps you skip an interesting question but also makes the person in front comfortable.

Create a diversion

Sometimes the only way out of a question or a hot discussion is a diversion. Whenever you are in an impossible situation, start talking about something funny. If there are pets and children at home, then it gets easier to avoid these talks.


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