How to Start a New Career as a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a good career choice for anyone that has an interest in it. To be successful, you need to focus on graphic, website, and computer animation design. Although there are plenty of jobs to do in graphic design, it will be naïve to think there will not be competition.

Competition is inevitable, and this is because graphic design means something different to every individual taking it up.

How do you become a graphic designer?

You need to get a formal education if you dream of pursuing a career to the top. To get some technical positions, you require just two years of a college degree or Associates Degree. The more educated you are in this field, the higher your chances of landing the top jobs.

Freelancing is popular among graphic designers, as almost three out of every ten graphic designers are freelancers. These freelancing graphic designers often have regular graphic designing jobs or other computer-based jobs.

You can succeed in the graphic designing world as a freelancer, as many small businesses and services will seek your service. This is because they can’t afford the big graphic design firms.

There are different career paths in graphic design. You could take up a career in the print media, designing for magazines and books. There are audio media where there is radio advertising, and there are digital media where you design for films and TV.

You could also take up a job in small and big graphic design firms if you are looking for a steady income source. If you settle for freelancing, you will need to put in the required level of work and discipline required to succeed.

Choosing this as a career path requires more than you bagging a college degree and knowing what and where you want to be. You have to develop your skills and get better at using computer graphic software and other required skills.

A portfolio is essential, as this will be a catalog of some of your best work. A portfolio is vital to your career, as this will help you land future gigs and jobs that will boost your career.

After you complete your college degree and are ready to forge ahead, you need to look for entry-level jobs. You should pay attention to online job boards and other means of job ads such as online or print classified ads or the college or university placement desks to get new opportunities.

An online job board is the best place to look for gigs if you are freelancing. You will find gigs on classified ads and job for hire boards. These platforms are more favorable to designers than people in other careers.

I wish you luck in your graphic design career!


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