Internet Savages Part 1 (Self-Insulting)

Self insults are important, ability of being able to laugh at ourselves is so important.

Internet is a magical place. You can use it for educational purposes, social media are the most common way how to get in touch with your family and friends nowadays, it also works as an entertainment source, where you can watch a lot of movies and many more.

And Entertainment is what we will focus on with this article. People can be very entertaining but what´s even funnier, are their reactions to each other. People love to roast each other and things can be moved even to a higher level when they start roasting themselves. Let´s take a look at these 13 “Internet Savages.”

The first part of this series is mainly focused on Self-pithiness, Loneliness and Self-drowning in sorrows and pain.

Golden Rule of Disappointment

You can not dissapoint you family, If you´ve never made them proud in the first place! That´s very basic rule and works with almost everything. Life Hack of the century. You are welcome!

Parents when I come home after school

He sighs like my parents every time, I come home – unfortunately not in a body bag!

Only Ugly People can reply

-just me

And If You Could Talk To Pornstar, What Would You Tell Them?

Posts were contributed on the subreddit r/suicidebywords which is as I somehow hinted on focusing on self-inflicted insults.

Good Thing It´s Also Uploaded on Youtube, Got A Chance To Hear It At Least

This is my ringtone, but no one calls me so I never get a chance to hear it. Imagine putting your favorite song as a ringtone and still have to go listen to it on Spotify or Youtube because no one is hitting you up.

Giorgio Knows The Deal

When you are so early that the only joke in the comment section is you! Legend says Giorgio is still in the comment section.

It´s Important To Remember Things Too

Good Old Tinder Days


I get 5 stars on “GTA” just to feel wanted…

Beethoven And Bassists Are Alike Myth or Fact?

Who Can Relate?

Never Thought About This, But Actually Yeah WTH

Somebody should start a petition about this. Seriously!


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